Wednesday, 2 January 2013


This is an onion. I have done the painting by pencil shading colours.I have used light pink,maroon,brown,purple colour.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Design Tiles with Oil Paint

Design Tiles is easy and have a lot of fun,you can design what you want ,what you like,every time new design Tiles come into play.

Watch this Video To make Tiles Design:-


-Bath Tub
-Oil Color (red ,green,blue,etc)
-Paint Brush
-Tiles(white colour give good effect)
-Pipe(to Blow Air)


-Take a Tub and fill it with pure water
-Put some oil paint colour on it, like a droplets,you can use brush as shown in video.
-Now its time to blow air,you can use mouth or a pipe to blog air fast from this oil droplets spread all over water.
-Now get some tiles which you to design it,take reverse of it and put slowly into water and now take it out as in speed.
-You will get Design Tiles as what we need.
-Continue as how many Variety of tiles you need.

Images Design Tiles :- 

Bath Tub
Bath Tub
 I will few more image later...

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Thursday, 13 December 2012


This is a fresh lady figure.This is made up of water colour pencil. I have used green,dark green,yellow, brown,mendhi type of colours. This is a very easy painting. You can also make this type of drawing.
One Tip:-While doing your painting please keep on mind that from where the light is coming.

Monday, 10 December 2012


This is a light green painting colour bottle. I have done pencil shading in my drawing.


 Chilli the hot spicy & tasty continent of food. I like to eat spicy. I have done pencil shading.I had made a shadow of chilli .


This is a garlic. I have made this drawing from pencil shading colors like pink, maroon, lemon yellow, red, brown.This is very easy you can also make this by getting some idea.Take some idea an draw your world.

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